Richmat,profession in drive and control solutions

Richmat,profession in drive and control solutions
Richmat,profession in drive and control solutions

Richmat?,a world-classmanufacturer provides electrical drive and control solutions. Meanwhile,customers can always find our professional, efficient comprehensive service.Richmat had gained reputation from markets in dozens of countries and regions.

Richmat products are applied inintelligent home system, medical, recliner, office desks, etc. supported by ourR&D, QC, production, purchasing divisions.

Richmat has been dedicated to driveand controller manufacturing and assembly, with years of experience and wisdomwith patented products and scientific construction of qualified team to supportits many offering. 

Richmat works closely with eachcustomer to provide exclusive customized services with established a process of"R&D test - production full inspection - inventory spot check"and other control measures to guarantee quality.

Richmat trade is all over the world,established long-term, stable and solid strategic partnerships with OEMs anddistributors in dozens of countries and regions.

Richmat provides you professional pre-salesconsulting service and flexible ,comprehensive after-sales service through ourbranches and distributors.

Richmat,profession in drive and control solutions


A better drive and control solution could always be appliedinto your products.

Business Areas Richmat concentrates on R&D and manufacture of Drive andcontrol business,Successfully expanding into four types of drive business.


To learn more about drive options, please contact us



Innovation Drives Technology, Intelligent Control of Future

Richmat, Qingdao RichmatIntelligence Technology Inc. formerly known as Qingdao Richriver Electrics Co.,Ltd., is a joint-stock company integrating independent research anddevelopment, manufacturing and sales, specializing in the development andmanufacture of actuators and controllers. It was incorporated in 2003 , Headquarteredin Qingdao, China.

Richmat is committed to the furniture,medical, and home care business. It is a domestic first-class andworld-renowned company in this field and has a good reputation in the industry.The main products include single actuators, dual actuators, controllers,massage motors, hand controls and accessories. The products are mainly sold tooverseas markets such as Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, the MiddleEast, Japan and South Korea, and are sold in dozens of countries and regionsaround the world.

At present, Richmat hasestablished four production bases, covering an area of 60 acres and employingmore than 500 people.


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