Richmat participated in the 29th Dubai International Office and Human Engineering Furniture Fair in the Middle East in 2019.

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Richmat participated in the 29th international office and ergonomic furniture exhibition in dubai, middle east in 2019, with booth number 8F348.  Welcome.

From September 17 to September 19, the 29th Middle East Dubai International Office and Ergonomic Furniture Fair 2019 was held in Dubai World Trade Center with 850 exhibitors.  Richmat boothno. 8F348 will introduce new intelligent products such as electric lifting table.

About Intelligent Office Lift Series

The series of intelligent lifting desks is to advocate employees to form the working habit of "sitting-standing combination" in order to relieve lumbar muscle strain caused by long-term desk work.

Lifting table series:

Support single station, double station, multi-person station, luxury station and other stations.  The material is exquisite, the shape is beautiful, you can customize any color you want.

Lifting column series:

It is divided into 3-section lifting and 2-section lifting versions with various installation shapes.

Manual controller series:

Easily installed under the desk, supports height display and sedentary reminder.

RICHMAT's series of electric lifting tables and other products have strong performance and long service life. it is almost impossible to have disturbing faults. welcome to visit.

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